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Their Lives

Their Lives - A Scrubs RPG
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Role Playing Game

About - you don't know jack!
their_lives is a Scrubs RPG set in the current season. Join in, or just read along. :)

FAQ - help me help you, HELP ME, HELP YOU.

Q. How do I join?
A. Choose a character who ISN'T taken, make a journal, request membership, and message the mods through AIM on bestdamdoctor or insertgirlsname. Or you can send an email to bestdamdoctor@livejournal.com. You will be asked to declare your age, however, as this RPG includes ADULT MATERIAL. You will also be asked for a writing sample. Nothing too major but be prepared to hand us some fic or write up an introduction post for us just to see your skills.

Q. Adult Material? Where?
A. Any posts which might merit a NC-17 rating are all friend locked to the community. If you want to see them, you must join.

Q. What season is the community set in?
A. This community takes place following 706 - "My #1 Doctor" and goes its own way from there.

Q. Who is taken?
Carla Espinosa-Turk - carlaturkleton
Christopher Turk - drbrownbear
Dan Boon - danboon
Dan Dorian - captain_bubble
Elliot Reid - notgarybusey
John Dorian - jdorian
Keith Dudemeister - meisterofdudes
Kim Briggs - kim_briggs
Molly Clock - drdevilwoman
Paige Cox - paige_cox
Perry Cox - bestdamdoctor
Private Brian Dancer - pvtbdancer
Shirley - laverneagain
Todd Quinlan - tehtawdtime (hiatus)
Ted Buckland - worthlesspeon

Danni Sullivan - AVAILABLE
Doug Murphy - AVAILABLE
Jordan Sullivan - AVAILABLE
Josephine - AVAILABLE
Kevin Casey - AVAILABLE

Q. Can I be a made up character? She's a beautiful new doctor who JD falls in love with and they live happy ever after and blah blah blah....
A. No. Just no.

Q. Slash?
A. Yes, please. :D

Q. What if I just want to watch? ;) Can I join?
A. For sure! If you're new, you might want to check out the Timeline of Events here.

Q. What are the tags for?
The tags are to let the players know who is expected in that thread. You can alway jump in on threads that you aren't tagged in. They also help readers to realize who's playing in each thread.

Q. Can I pick up a second character?
Sure! As long as it's a minor one.

Q. HELP! I want to make a thread! How do I do this?
First, pick a setting!
The easy answer would be the hospital. I mean they work there. Specific locations could be the cafeteria, the roof, the nurse's station, patients rooms, the lounge, on call rooms, Elliot's Office, Jordan's Office, the morgue, whatever you can think of. But they're not always there! You might want to swing by the House of Cox, the Turk House, the Reid Residence, or JD's swinging' pad. But when all else fails, just go to the bar! Don't forget to put the day (in RP time) and time of the scene, for timeline purposes.

OOC Community - (their_lives_ooc) For OOC announcements, questions, and squeeing in general.
Fan Community - (their_fans) A place for the fans to squee and ask the players questions.
Directory - (their_directory) Where you'll find the timeline, character bios, and a summary.

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