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14th-Jul-2010 08:30 pm(no subject)
12th-Jul-2008 06:10 pm(no subject)
Hello, everyone! I know, it's been a long time. We never intended for this RPG to end. It was more active than any other Scrubs RPG and we loved every single moment. Sadly, real life and other interests took over. We could be back one day, you never know.

For now, all we want to say is THANK YOU! It was great to have so many readers and actual fans of this RPG.

Until the next time!
20th-Apr-2008 08:11 pm - April 20, 2008--Nurse's station
It's been a slow day.  We've had a few druggies come in after doing weird things while being under the influence of pot.  It's always so entertaining to watch them and hear about them running into walls and generally being crazy.  Some guy came in after overeating some special brownies his friends made.  Apparently pot wasn't the only thing in them, as a joke his friend put in laxatives too.  How I miss being young and stupid.

I look around for any sign of life, hoping someone will come and cure my boredom.  I'm slightly anxious for the end of the day, because today I take my monthly pregnancy test.  Usually JD comes and does it with me so I don't feel bad when it's negative, but I haven't talked to him in awhile.  Maybe Keith can fill in as my gay man today. I look down at my stomach, "something better be growing in there." 

A patient gave me a funny look; he shouldn't be staring, he was seeing purple aliens two hours ago. 
Stretching, I wince as my head throbs. It feels like it’s full of cotton and I blink blearily. The room is completely dark besides the glow from the clock. Reaching behind me for Keith I’m surprised when my hand feels nothing but air. Where is he? The bed seems so empty without him here taking up the majority of it, but then I remember. He’s at Johnny’s birthday party. I feel really bad about not being able to go…never mind the fact that my not going is just fuel for Perry’s ‘you’re a horrible brother’ fire.

Damn sickness caught me totally off guard.

Grabbing my phone from the bedside table I type out a quick text - Home now? Plz? – before collapsing back in a coughing fit. Rolling over on my side I clutch at the pillow and try not to die. He better bring me some soup or something. That’s my last coherent thought before I fall back into a restless sleep.
2nd-Apr-2008 08:45 pm - Elliot's house - April 5, 6:58 PM
I glance at my wall clock as I cross out the second to last item on my list, blowing a strand of hair out of my eyes. It's 6:58 and everything is nearly ready -- just gotta put some finishing touches on the makeshift snack bar I made in the kitchen. I stare longingly at the plastic bag of coasters that I made a few days before and hope everyone remembered to bring their invitations. Maybe I won't let them in until they've flashed me their coaster.

I lay out the plastic eating utensils and the decorated paper plates. Oh my gosh, the plates are so pretty! Maybe I should've laminated them too. Except I have fondue ready and it might burn through the plastic and then someone might eat it and it might cool down in their mouths and they might swallow it and choke and ew, I'd never give mouth-to-mouth! Gross. I should probably buy those CPR face shields I saw one of the EMT's carry. But I'm pretty sure I'd get grossed out anyway and throw it out right after I've used it. Even if I used it on my mother.

Ew. Especially if I used it on my mother.

I glance at the clock again. 7:04! Frick, where are these people?
(OOC: Open to anyone not afraid of what Boon might do.)

God I love this holiday. There should be one every month.

I cackle insanely as I watch one of the buckets of slime I'd set up with the Janitor's help turn over on an unsuspecting resident. “Happy April Fools day!”
Really, how is this day not awesome?
Four days. It had been four days since I last had seen Sebastian. As much as Perry tried to convince me that maybe my furry friend was somewhere nice and perhaps with a new family, I couldn't help but think he was probably dead in a gutter, and all because I was too tired to check if his cage was well locked before one of my afternoon naps. I had tried to show Perry I was in a better mood these last couple of days, but I really wasn't.

Today, I had decided, I wasn't going to put a happy face anymore.

I lie on the couch, staring at the empty cage before me and with a plate of cold leftovers sitting on the coffee table, food I had promised Perry I would eat, but I wasn't really hungry. I hadn't been to a second therapy session with Molly and having to stay at home every single day wasn't helping, not to mention having to use the damn cane again. It just made me feel worse and worse. I could ask Perry to take me to the pet store and get another pet, but that would be like trying to replace Sebastian, and I was not about to do that. The kids were at Jordan's since last week, so there wasn't a real reason for me to get up or get dressed in something other than my unicorn pajamas.
31st-Mar-2008 03:17 pm - Nurse's Station - March 31st, 10:35am
After the sudden loss of Sebastian, JD had been more than a little down these last few days. I think being locked up in our apartment most of his days is really starting to get to him, now that he doesn't even have the squeaky rodent to keep him company. Maybe I should get him a puppy... but hell we have no place to put the damn thing when it grew up. And I'm not taking care of two crying kids (JD and Jack) when we have to find it someplace else to live because it tore up the couch out of boredom.

Which led me, as I glance up to spot Barbie endlessly flipping through her chart, to wonder about the birthday party I had put her in charge of. Well, forced her into handling. Though she was far too happy about the request for help from me. Even if it wasn't really a request. Really.

"Barbie, how are you and Carla doing with the birthday plans?" If she gives me the 'what party?' look, I'm going to hurt her.
31st-Mar-2008 04:27 pm - The Park--March 29, 2008
Izzy sat on the blanket to my right as I idly flipped through house listings in town and the surrounding area.  I didn't know what I wanted yet, and nothing had caught my eye.  The guy on the radio was right, it's a good time to buy a home, and with our lease expiring in two months--with no desire to renew it--it's about time I crack open one of these things. 

I looked around for any sign of JD, I was a little early and maybe a little unclear of where to meet.  It was beautiful out, and he could use a little sun.  Maybe a lot, actually.  I rummaged through my purse which I left on the bench.  I had picked this spot so JD would have a comfortable place to sit while Izzy could roll around in the grass--something she picked up while "watching Rowdy" apparently.  I hoped JD could find me and get to the spot okay; I tend for forget about his leg to his annoyance.  Either way, I have all these magazine, and internet printouts and even Turk's cousin's wife, who is a realtor, on speed dial if we want to check anything out.  Carla always comes prepared. 
28th-Mar-2008 11:47 pm - Dan's Place - March 27th, 8:30pm
 I take a deep breath and another step closer to his door. I didn't think I would be this nervous, it's just Dan, but this is not just one of our nights out. This is our first real date. I had made a reservation at Donetello's, the super fancy Italian resturant downtown, so hopefully this night will go well.  It has to go well. I want it to, no I need it to. 

This is the start of Dan and I being more than just kisses and lowered pants, we would really be a couple. I smile at the thought and then the nervousness rears it's ugly head again and I take a step backwards. Opening myself to this means closing any door I still had waiting open for Elliot. It means that my heart is placed back on my crisply ironed sleeve and Dan could tear it off and stomp it into the ground at any moment . Knocking on that door means that I'm finally ready to move on and leave a broken relationship in the past. I march forward like the soldier I'm pretending to be and raise my fist at attention. Come on Keith, just move it in a knocking motion, you can do this. The door swings open before I can make my move and I'm left looking like an idiot or a sock puppet performer, minus the sock.
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